When does Ramadan start ? Are you READY for Ramadan 2019 ?

When does Ramadan Start in UAE ?

It's 29th of Shaban, Shaban is eighth Islamic month in  Islamic Calendar. This months has its own values and virtues for Muslims but we Muslims impatiently awaits for Ramadan Mubarak. 

Ramadan, a month of forgiveness, a month of blessings, it is a month when none of our prayer would be unattended. While we keep fast in this month, it teaches us the lesson to have patience, to be contended on Allah. Therefore, we Muslims wait for this month impatiently :) ...yes I get it, we don't have patience as Ramazan has not started yet.

When does Ramadan 2019 Start?

So, when is Ramadan 2019 starting in UAE? I anticipate tomorrow will be first Ramadan as some Saudi Arabia's news are declaring 6th May 2019 as First day of Ramadan and guess what? I have to do lots of preparation that includes grocery, meal preparation for Suhoor and some other stuff!

So Ladies, are you prepared for Ramadan Fasting or just been waiting for last moment?

Well actually, I am working women therefore, for me its very hectic to do all work in one day therefore I started my Ramazan preparation since two weeks before. I have already cleaned the house which includes some interior decorations, and some furniture shifting from here to there and yes changed my curtains too.

Also, I've designed two latest embroidered opened abayas for Ramadan. By the way my Ramdan clearance for abayas and modest clothing is going on, so just take benefit of buy 2 get 1 free offer and add some unique, luxurious abayas and modest outfits in your wardrobe. 

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OK, let's get back to the topic, here I am listing down some of the tips and last minutes Preparations you need to finish before Starting Ramdan:

1- Grocery

It's always good to make a list of items you need to purchase as most of the time while shopping either you forget the much needed stuff or you buy extra items which was not even required. I use notepad app in my mobile to make a list it's really helpful.

I've already finished my grocery what about yours?

When does  Ramadan start

2- Meal Preparation for Suhoor

I prepare meal a night before Suhoor as it saves my time because sometimes it is really hard for me to wake up at midnight to cook food. Make sure not to include any fried item in your menu for suhoor. 

3- Preparing for Taraweeh

Ramazan is not only about fasting in day and delicious iftaar in evening. It also brings a new addition in our daily routine and that's Taraweeh. It feel really amazing that all your family member gets ready for the prayer and attend Taraweeh Prayer in mosques. On the way to mosque everyone says As Salam Alaikum.

For various reasons some of us do not attend Taraweeh prayers, just remember that this opportunity comes once in year therefore try to not creep out your mind with lame excuses to not attend the Taraweeh and spend your time in prayers and duas.

It is also advisable to have light iftaar and avoid fried and spicy food during iftaar you can eat this in dinner after Taraweeh instead.

4- Controlling your eating habits 

After whole day fasting you often don't control yourself during iftaar and indulge yourself with plenty of food without even considering your health. This overeating may leads to food poisoning.

During Ramdan it is better to design multiple healthy meal plan considering your health and taste buds. You can find various healthy meal plan on youtube. I personally follow Ramadan Healthy Meal Guide and Recipes by Joanna Soh. 

In this video Joanna shared some very good tips and healthy meal plan for Ramadan.

5-  Healthy Sleeping Habits

Healthy sleeping habits are must to have healthy and youthful lifestyle. It is advisable to take atleast 7 to 8 hours sleep in night. But in Ramazan our Sleep pattern usually get disturbed as we need to woke up at midnight for suhoor than we spent most of our time in prayers and dua's. 

First of all, do not sleep immediately after Suhoor and Iftar, let your body digest the food. Secondly, in order to maintain healthy sleeping pattern it is advisable to take proper sleep and to do that at least take a nap during afternoon since work hours are reduced in most of the Muslim countries.  

6- Exercise

Do not give up on your exercise in Ramadan. Remember it is the best time to shed some extra weight and burn more calories. Fasting in Ramdan is a natural way to cleanse your body than why not to take advantage of this Month. 

Try to do some light exercise in evening before iftaar. Make sure to avoid heavy exercises as you might get dehydrated.

7- Best time to Quit Smoking

While fasting in Ramadan gives us an opportunity to detoxify our body it is a best time to control a bit and quit smoking as 15 hours fasting allowed us to avoid and resist smoking. 

I hope you find these tips beneficial and I would love to listen your experience in Ramazan.